C2-g is a small data-driven consulting company with the mission to improve human decision-making under risk and uncertainty. Our approach utilizes best practices from computational cognitive science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to quantify human decision-making. Quantifying human performance allows for us to make an impact across several areas important to government and industry. We offer our services on a pro bono basis, so feel free to contact us with questions about how we can help address your data-driven needs.

Erik J Schlicht, PhD, is the founder of the Computational Cognition Group, LLC. He conducted research at Harvard University, MIT, Caltech and the University of Minnesota; his research has also been covered by several media outlets. Visit his professional web page for further information about his research experience and a sample of his publications.


02.2017: C2-g released a paper on methods for using multifidelity simulation to estimate the risk associated with transportation technology

09.2017: C2-g presented a talk on multifidelity simulation to both Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory and SAMSI

10.2017: C2-g released a paper on methods for exploiting oddsmaker decision-biases to improve the prediction of NFL outcomes. This research was covered by several media outlets

11.2017: C2-g founder, Erik Schlicht, was interviewed by Reshama Shaikh of MLconf regarding the use of multifidelity simulation methods